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What is Brain Fitness?

Super Noggin™ Focuses on Comprehensive Brain Fitness

Brain fitness is the term used for the optimum state of the normal, alert mind. The term is also used in conjunction with activities aimed at maintaining mental sharpness and improving cognitive functions.

The idea that cognitive functions can be maintained or even improved by exercising the mind relies on the assumption that the brain is like the muscles of the body: if one stays active and exercises sufficiently, fitness can be maintained or improved, depending on the level of effort.

Most brain fitness programs are designed to provide the kind of exercise necessary to stretch and tone the "mental muscles." But brain teasers alone do not keep the brain fit. Lifestyle factors contribute to brain health, and research studies show that in order to keep the brain functioning at optimum level at any age, people need to have overall good mental and physical health. In addition to keeping the mind challenged, they must get proper nutrients, limit the toxic effects of chronic stress/fear/anxiety, avoid toxic chemicals and substances, maintain cardiovascular health, get enough sleep, protect the head from injury (including even minor blows from contact sports), and stay physically active.

A comprehensive brain fitness program will emphasize all of these lifestyle factors. Certain cognitive functions can be improved with training, but these improvements are usually limited to the specific function targeted and do not generalize to overall cognitive enhancement. Such training is sometimes rigorous and requires a high level of motivation. Remaining mentally and physically active and leading a healthy lifestyle are, over the long term, the best prevention of serious mental decline over time. Seventy percent of how well we age is due to our lifestyle choices, according to Dr. Vincent Fortanasce, author of The Anti-Alzheimer's Prescription (2008). Certified Super Noggin Instructors are required to read this book as a pre-requisite to training. To hear Dr. Fortanasce talk about Alzheimer's prevention, go to

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