Super Noggin
Noggin definition: a protein that aids in the growth of new brain cells
Super Noggin™ definition: an innovative brain fitness lifestyle program

Super Noggin: a community-based brain fitness program designed to maintain and even improve cognitive functions in adults, including those with normal aging memory problems ("senior moments"). Elements of the program have been identified as Alzheimer’s prevention strategies.

Attention Activity Directors and Wellness Leaders
You're busy, so here's a turn-key program just for you. Super Noggin gives you training and program materials to offer a comprehensive brain fitness to your community.

Super Noggin is unique.  Many cognitive enhancement programs offer memory training and brain teasers. But leading researchers and organizations like the Alzheimer's Association agree: People need to do more than just play brain games.

A combination of lifestyle factors contributes to brain health.

Super Noggin
  • educates about the lifestyle behaviors that contribute to
       brain health
  • builds in lots of social interaction and mentally
       stimulating activities
  • adds a personal tracking system
  • creates an environment where science meets fun
  • With a foundation of evidence-based components, Super Noggin can play a key role in comprehensive wellness plans and activity programs at community centers, corporations, YMCAs, retirement communities, JCCs, hospitals, fitness facilities, and lifelong learning centers.

    Super Noggin was created in 2009 by LEAF Ltd., a private foundation and 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cognitive wellness. When the founder retired in 2016, the foundation closed and the Vice President for Research, the creator of the Super Noggin program, took it over as an LLC.

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    "We didn’t even get to advertise the class before it filled up."
    - Sheery W., University of Arkansas Medical Science Center

    "An individual came up to me today..Said he had early onset dementia…I had observed him moving, closing his eyes, conducting away..David Dworkinthoroughly in the program…He said he had not moved like that in years…he said 'I could feel the wires connecting.' Just so rewarding."
    - Maestro David Dworkin

    "We received 20 phone calls in the first two hours after the local paper came out with an article about our offering Super Noggin."
    - Sherri N., Director, Senior Activity and Wellness Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas

    "We are getting great feedback from our participants!!! I love leading this program!!!"
    - Todd P., Health and Wellness Coordinator, Little Rock, AR

    "Super Noggin has given us the opportunity to invite the community to interact with our residents during the workshops and activity meetings. Through this process, relationships have formed and the community learns the benefits firsthand of living in our independent residential apartments. It is a win/win situation all around."
    - Sharon H., Marketing Director, Milwaukee, WI

    "Super Noggin is the kind of program we were looking for to bring in the younger seniors. The centers just keep getting calls – 'When are you having your next Super Noggin class?' It’s just a great, great program."
    - Angie D., Community Program Support Specialist, Harrison, AR

    "You trained us well in the Super Noggin classes, and as a result, I'm having more enjoyment in life at 90 than ever before!" Richard K., Denver, CO

    "This was truly the most informative and inspirational training I have received on this topic. The visuals (videos), illustrations, activities and methods of delivering scientific data were extremely effective. This experience leaves me excited about sharing what I have learned with others." Roberta G., Wellness Coordinator, Area Agency on Aging, Phoenix AZ

    "This is a unique, current, researched-based and timely program that everyone needs right now." Linda M., Wellness Nurse, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    "Thanks so much for all the new advances in research on how to live a brain-healthy lifestyle. Since following the guidelines, I've lost 12 pounds and feel much more energized! I and some other seniors at the senior center will be renewing our Super Noggin class soon. Can't wait! Thanks again!!!!" Susan M., Newton County, AR


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